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“Dodecanese Islands Accommodations” is a non profit company which was found by “Federation of Dodecanese Islands Family & Run Studios & Apartments in Greece”, “Kos Apartments Association” & “Association of family-run Studios & Apartments” with aim to promote and advertise the accommodations of Dodecanese Islands. We have created an Online Booking system which applies in retail and wholesale. You are also able to place the online bookings system to their website.

Retail: visitors are able to view accommodations through photos and descriptions, prices and availability for the dates they are interested in, as well as they are able to make a reservation on real time.

Wholesale: through wholesale you have the ability to increase your bookings as “Dodecanese Islands Accommodations” gives the ability to collaborated travel agencies to see availabilities, retail and wholesale prices that each accommodation offers and will be able to make reservations on real time. Wholesale prices are defined by you and payment will be set by the travel agency before client’s arrival, dependingly on your policy (with credit card or with money order to a bank account).

By completing the form with your personal information, we will send you a username and a password so that you will be able to enter the online booking system. This system allows you renew online the availability, prices, photos, descriptions and to make any change you want anytime you want. Furthermore, accommodations can watch and manage their reservations and watch clients’ reviews after their departure, clues that will help you improve the completeness of your accommodation.

It is required, as a guarantee, 10% deposit of the total amount by credit card, avoiding in this way last minute cancellation. Clients are paying directly to the accommodation the rest amount depending on accommodations policies. In the end of each month, accommodations receive invoice (for the commissions) from “Dodecanese Islands Accommodations”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register to the Online Bookings system of “Dodecanese Islands Accommodations”?
If you wish to register to the Online Bookings system you can request it online by completing your personal information and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Are there any terms or charges to register?
There is no charge for your registration. Any accommodation which has operation license can register by signing our agreement. As fee for the promotional services “Dodecanese Islands Accommodations” will receive 10% of the bookings made, for which will edit an invoice towards the accommodation.

Can I update availability, rates and other information?
Yes, you can. After being registered in our system you will be given a username and a password. In this way you will have access to the system and your accommodation anytime you want.

How do I receive the confirmation for a reservation?
If a visitor makes an online booking for your accommodation you will receive an informative message via e-mail or sms as well as a form with all client’s and reservation’s information by fax.

Where and when does the guest pay for his/her hotel invoice?
“Dodecanese Islands Accommodations” will charge client’s credit card with 10% of the total amount. If you wish to have a deposit from your client you define the amount and then charge client’s credit card. The rest or the whole amount (if you don’t receive a deposit) will be given to you directly by the client at his/her departure.

What can I do to have more clients through Online Bookings system?
It is important to offer the best room rates and best possible availability. Furthermore, having a truthful and informative hotel description including actual photos of your hotel will help us sell your rooms. “Dodecanese Islands Accommodations” also cooperates for you with various travel agencies all over the world. By giving us wholesale prices you can attract more clients.

Can I integrate the Online Booking Banner on my website?
Yes, of course you can. You have the ability to choose the banner’s shape and color so that it can suit to your website. There are two costing forms, the first is by paying 50€ on annual basis and the second by giving to us 3% to the reservations made by this.

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